PYP Workshop-Making the PYP Happen

Mrs. Paminder Kohli | 9th October, 2015 Back to Blog

An in school IBO workshop “Making the PYP Happen” was organized on 26th and 28th September, 2015.This workshop was meant for new PYP teachers who have had an induction into PYP and have taught for approximately 2 months in school.

The objective of the workshop was to deepen the understandings of teacher’s regarding the school’s curriculum, international-mindedness, assessment, and the five essential elements of the curriculum framework and also to provide support to our teachers with their insights and questions on their journey to implement the PYP.

Our PYP teachers have come away from this workshop with confidence and a sense of affirmation because they have been able to connect their prior knowledge with new information and ask questions to take their learning forward.