Business Management

Mrs. Kinnari Shah | 12th October, 2015 Back to Blog

Business Management being a main branch of commerce, its due importance is further clarified with presentations and projects which give the students the much required exposure to the external influence from the business world outside classroom studies.

With this in mind a classroom activity: “Flipped Class” was planned and the topic was “International Marketing and E-Commerce” Two groups were formed and each one was a given a topic to discuss. Students found the activity to be challenging as they had to teach the other group, they also had to design an assessment task on the same. This was thought provoking activity and encouraged students to ask puzzling questions to their classmates.

I believe such activities develop interactive and presentation skills among young learners. They get an opportunity to present their views and bring about different perspective to the classroom.

Business Management is one subject where students learn more through active participation and not by remaining passive learners and at RBKIA, we aim to conduct many seminars, projects and presentations for the students to refine their caliber and abilities to the fullest potential.