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  • This is a heartfelt gratitude for all the efforts that your team takes to put up a grand show like this. All the performances were well planned, practised and well performed. It was a delight and visual treat for all the Parents am sure! Being a Parent myself I am so happy to see the drastic developments taking place in my child be it her confidence, her intellect or her personality, is worth applauding.

    Really thankful to Ms.Bhavika and Ms. Jyoti ,the HRT's of K2-A for putting up a great show on Singaporean culture.

    - Parent of Kenisha Mukherjee (Grade K-2A)
  • This is Vidhi mother of Thiaan shah nursery. one of the best concerts I saw today....What a fantabulous show it was....beautifully choreographed....could act see kids njoyin..Meena ma'am what an amazing show in the concert as well as in the classroom....How much efforts teachers n non teaching staff have put in to show case these countries n cultures was jus amazing ...it was unbelievable....

    Please continue with efforts n would love to support in whatever way we can ..Proud to be a part of this RBKIA family....

    - Parent of Thiaan shah (Nursery)
  • Today certainly has been a day full of surprises. Honestly, my geography skills are'nt great but coming from our 6 year old is such a wonderful and learning experience. Its unimaginable how much effort has gone into no only making the children learn about South Africa, but also putting it up so beautifully to make learning so easy.

    A commendable job by teachers, staff and children.

    - Parent of Krish Ashish Gupta (Grade IA)
  • The display in the class about various aspects of South Africa are amazing. Lovely Art and Craft work done by teachers and students are outstanding. Manav has been speaking about information learnt about South Africa at home and has learnt alot during the cultural week.

    Thanks once again for efforts taken by all.

    - Parent of Manav Minaar Malse (Grade IA)
  • Thank you for having us for the food feista today..The classes were decorated very well. All kids were excited to share their knowledge and class display about their country. Kiara has gained alot of knowledge about Italy through this week. (She's so enthusiastic to kow about Italy that wants to visit there for her next holiday destination)

    - Parent of Kiara Mehta (Grade IC)
  • I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that you both have done a remarkable job for our class 3A. It was indeed appreciated by everyone present today. In my 6 years here at RBK I haven't heard so much of appreciation...Ofcourse our dear children also deserve a Kudos for their wonderful work and hospitality...Ma'am splendid job...we feel proud to be a part of 3A.

    - Parent of Gaea Rishi Khera (Grade IIIA)

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