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    The RBKIA affliated with International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum which is an international education foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Admission Annoucement

    Admissions to Playgroup to Grade V (PYP) | Grade VI to Grade X (MYP), Grade IX to Grade X (IGCSE) | Grade XI to Grade XII (IBDP) for the Academic Year 2019-20 & Mid-Term Admission 2018-19 Opened.

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    Phone: 7400091646/47/49, IT Support: 8828181437 & Admission: 7400091648
    Email ID: info@rbkia.org


  • My 2 lovely daughters urja and shreya have been with this superb school at rbk since the last 6 years since we came to Mumbai after being transferred to mumbai. Have been wanting to write this earlier too, but feel a very appropriate time to mention a big thank you for taking care and continuously grooming and guiding my 2 lovely daughters urja and shreya. When i see them in a huge group of their ages can easily see the difference between them and the rest of other school children of their ages..they stand out thanks only to RBK!! The other day on the occassion of navaratri, so many relatives and parents asked me and my wife sonal where our daughters study and proudly we mentioned the rbk family name!!

    Cannot pen down before thanking YOU maam as a lovely principal to be always there to guide, support and be there for our children . Would honestly take the opportunity to thank and appreciate ALL the amazing teachers and respective Co-ordinators who have taken all the pains and hard work to groom and nurture my daughters !!

    Once again would like to thank YOU maam and the entire Management of RBKIA school!!

    - Parent of urja and shreya hansraj (Grade XA & VIIA)
  • It's been more than a decade now, that our child, Riya Dama, is a student of this esteemed institution, and we are so proud, as parents of our child's as well as our school's achievements.

    Some years were fun, the others stressful, it's been one roller coaster ride I can say.. :)

    All years of education being crucial, the past three years, grade 8 to 10, have been better than ever.

    The teachers are extremely skilled and supportive.

    We have seen some very effective necessary changes being brought about and plans executed by our principle Mrs. Monica Sarang, both in discipline and in results.

    Her work ethic speaks for itself.

    With her management skills and a healthy perspective, she has helped our school to grow into a global competitor and with her friendly and compassionate nature has made our kids motivated enough to make their teachers and parents proud.

    We are privileged to be a part of the Rbkia family and looking forward to have productive IBDP years too.. :)

    - Parent of Riya Dama (Grade XA)

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