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    The RBKIA affliated with International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum which is an international education foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

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    Admissions to Playgroup to Grade V (PYP) | Grade VI to Grade X (MYP), Grade IX to Grade X (IGCSE) | Grade XI to Grade XII (IBDP) for the Academic Year 2019-20 & Mid-Term Admission 2018-19 Opened.

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    Email ID: info@rbkia.org


  • Kavya is thoroughly enjoying her learning process at school and everything else the school offers.

    - Parent of Kavya Mahadevan (Grade 3A) - Open House Reflection

    Navya had a great time at juice adventure resort and farm residency too. There were many adventures /activities that were very thrilling and exciting. She loved zip line adventure the most. It was a bit scary initially but then it seemed easy. The mighty pentagon was the mightiest pentagon adventure ever seen by Navya . She enjoyed the water park as well. The rides were mind-blowing. The most scariest ride was the red and white one. She enjoyed watching her friends wrestling like a sumo. The tree top was also very interesting. She liked all the hospitality offered. She wishes to go there again and for many more fun filled trips. This is the first step towards being independent. Thank you to all the teachers and organizers.

    - Parent of Navya Deshpande (Grade 4A) - Overnight Trip
  • A big thanks to all the teachers and the organizers for wonderful trip! Shania really enjoyed all the activities of adventure park n water park off course the DJ ?? ??. We were really concerned about Shania's food allergies but teachers really took good care of her!! Looking forward for many more to come.

    - Parent of Shania Duggal (Grade 4A) - Overnight Trip

    Sanjit was very excited in narrating us on how he enjoyed the trip.He seems to have enjoyed every aspect of the trip - the activities, the food, getting to stay with his friends. He also shared that he got to make new friends. He enjoyed a lot. We would like to thank the teachers and the organisers of making the trip memorable for Sanjit.

    - Parent of Sanjit Dilip Sahasrabudhe (Grade 5B) - Overnight Trip
  • What a grand show! One can honestly say you all put a real grand show for the grandparents. Your last years show was remarkable but this year you all took it to another level alltogether. The kids of course were fantastic and all the hard work of the teachers showed in their singing and dancing. But one cannot help but appreciate the fabulous singers that you have in house. Mr Girish and Mrs Bhanu were great with their duos and Mr Raj with his solos. It brought a different colour to the entire show! Chhaya teacher is of course an absolute rock star to have brought even the unwilling ones to the dance floor!

    - Parent of Raaisha Moghay (K2A) - Grandparents Day

    Hats off to you and your team, excellent concept and idea. This event was so thrilling for the kids, they were super excited and enjoyed every bit. The event was all about learning , encouraging the kids to read books, understand their favourite character and their prototypes/ nuances and know more about them and be like them. We as parents questioned our kids what they wanted to become and why and the answers were really amazing to listen and we realised the thought process of our kids to a certain extend. Such events are very encouraging, fun filled and involve a lot of learning. The kids are self motivated to read books which is so very rare these days in this digital world. All arrangements were well done and organised. Fantastic and a well thought event.

    - Parent of Rhea Salaskar (K2B) - Character Parade

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